Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 36 – S3 Finale: The Difference a Year Makes

In the season 3 and trilogy finale, Bher and Gree help Xen back to the Spicy Kido so they can escape the GNN broadcast tower. Forced back to Bavva, the gang must keep the ship together long enough to get their special cargo home.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 35 – A Hallucinogenic Toreador

Inside a broadcast studio on an orbiting propaganda station, lightsabers clash in a poorly lit room. The gang must work with the force and each other to overcome the enemy known as Ro’in, but Bher may not be cooperating.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 34 – Live From GNN Anoat

In their final confrontation with Ro’in, the gang’s division on mission objectives takes over. Rushing toward individual goals, Bher, Gree, and Xen are forced to confront the truth inside themselves. The blockade crumbles around them as they battle with true monsters.roinEBP

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 33 – Missions and Monsters

Bher, Gree, and Xen arrive at the GNN broadcast station to reclaim the holocrons stolen by Ro’in. Walking into a different situation than expected, the gang flies into proactive mode. The dark side’s power may be too much to resist.


Season 4 Pregame

The podcast needs your help! I need to add a little flavor and randomization to the Season 4 game world. Historically, I have run the pregame at D20 Game Spot. Starting with Season 4 I’m going to try running the game on Roll20! With you!

If you are interested in playing send us an email now! The drawing for the game is this Sunday after the episode goes live. Check twitter for updates. Thank you!


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 32 – Approach Vectors

The crew travels through hyperspace approaching the GNN broadcast tower orbiting the planet of Bespin. The looming battle coupled with close quarters space travel leads to tense moments and creative solutions.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 31 – The Jelli Situation

The crew of the Spicy Kido is eager to take the fight to Ro’in and recover the holocrons. The chrysalis known as Jelli is proving to be a complication to space travel and the crew’s living situation aboard the ship.


Art by David Wright

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 30 – Spaceport City Supper Club

A city-wide meal takes place where all secrets are laid out on the table. With fresh news from the sector, the crew of the Spicy Kido has all the recon they can muster. Even if underprepared, the gang has no more time to rest.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 29 – An Inopportune Chrysalis

After their first long rest in months, the gang finally tracks down Jelli. They need to sort out the Bavva food supply issues and repair the Kido to have any chance of completing their mission. Recovering their holocron from Ro’in will be no easy task.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 28 – All the Wounded

Turning their attention to rescue once again, Xen and Gree attempt to save Thaco’s soldiers from the rubble. Bher checks in with RT to assess the damage to Kuna and the ship. While there, she finally has a chance to connect with her family on Bavva.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 27 – The War Kido

The confrontation with Thaco flairs up against Xen and Bher’s best efforts. The Bavva crime lord has a few surprises left for the crew of the Spicy Kido and his lust for revenge can cause more damage than anyone expected.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 26 – Power Vacuums

Bher and Xen continue the assault in the streets of Bavva, fighting off Thaco’s goons while the Spicy Kido spins out of control from a blown engine. Gree attempts to rescue himself and put an end to Thaco’s short reign.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 25 – S03 Premiere: The Return of the Butcher

In the season 3 premiere, Bher and Xen are positioned to rescue Gree from the clutches of a newly crowned crime lord and ex-Imperial captain called Thaco. The Spicy Kido returns to Bavva for the first time in 9 months to find a very different cityscape.


Xen Ma’lak at the start of Season 3 by David Wright