Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 67 – The Force in Motion

Dasha learns all about The Ravager as Bher reveals details surrounding her encounter with it. Gree attempts an assumed rescue mission, but he may be at risk of losing more than just the Bavva council members.

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DFB Season 6 Pregame Drawing!

It’s time to find out which listeners will take part in the Season 6 pregame! Those who help to shape the Bavva that Bher, Gree, and Dasha inhabit are destined to be part of the story! Thank you to all who entered the contest!

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Season 6 Pregame Contest!

Hello there!

The time is upon us for the Season 6 pregame! We’re doing the contest a little different this time, but the event remains the same.

The season 6 pregame is your chance to play an online one-shot game GM’d by Ross. You will play an important role in shaping the game world for Season 6 as well as getting to play a fun game with other listeners! To enter the drawing, we need you to subscribe to Dice For Brains!  You can use the link on the sidebar


Aside from entering the contest, you will get infrequent emails containing bonus content like character and NPC sheets, GM notes, artwork, stories, and much more!

Good luck everyone!


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 56 – Clash at the Adamite Tower

Through the gates to the Adamite tower grounds, Simon, Mor’a, and Xen encounter another obstacle. The Paladin called Mercy has decreed Simon’s trial a failure and will remove him and his friends, by force if necessary.

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Dice For Brains Podcast | Special Episode – Star Wars Celebration 2017

Some of the cast and crew of Dice For Brains had the chance to go to Star Wars Celebration and we took it. Get to know us all a little better as we talk about the event and many other things. Bonus! Special insights into characters and upcoming show events. If we didn’t get to hang out with you there, come hang out now!

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Dice For Brains podcat | S4 Opening Crawl – A New Nexus

The countdown begins now. In ONE WEEK the season 4 premiere of the Dice For Brains podcast will air. It’s an all new cast of characters tangled up in post-galactic civil war shenanigans in the Mid Rim. We’ve got a surprising crop of force users, droids, and slicers set on a disarmament shell game and it all starts up November 20th.

Where is Sunday’s special episode?

As you may know, the studio took a hurricane to the face. Unfortunately, this caused a delay in editing as well as recording and I was unable to get the special episode together in time (or this post until now). I am very sorry to skip a week on you, but I assure you a mandatory evacuation is the bar for missing an episode.

The cast, crew, and studio are safe and back to fully operational. Thank you so much for the outpouring of support! It helped us through some tough moments. Thank you for all your kind offers as well, but the only thing we need is to keep those itunes reviews coming and keep telling your friends about the show!

We love you all. See you this Sunday!


Dice For Brains Podcast | Special Episode: The Force Awakens Beginner Game – Part 2

Part 2 of our review play. Check out the adventures of Fira, Durm, and Tiras!

Will the new The Force Awakens Beginner Game serve as an exceptional entry point into this game and hobby? We have assembled a group of first timers to actually play it and uncover the answer. This is a trial by fire for FFGs new offering. The game and bonus material can be found at your FLGS or here:



Season 4 Pregame

The podcast needs your help! I need to add a little flavor and randomization to the Season 4 game world. Historically, I have run the pregame at D20 Game Spot. Starting with Season 4 I’m going to try running the game on Roll20! With you!

If you are interested in playing send us an email now! The drawing for the game is this Sunday after the episode goes live. Check twitter for updates. Thank you!