Season 6 Pregame Contest!

Hello there!

The time is upon us for the Season 6 pregame! We’re doing the contest a little different this time, but the event remains the same.

The season 6 pregame is your chance to play an online one-shot game GM’d by Ross. You will play an important role in shaping the game world for Season 6 as well as getting to play a fun game with other listeners! To enter the drawing, we need you to subscribe to Dice For Brains!  You can use the link on the sidebar


Aside from entering the contest, you will get infrequent emails containing bonus content like character and NPC sheets, GM notes, artwork, stories, and much more!

Good luck everyone!


The Season 5 Pregame crew!

We did the drawing tonight for the season 5 pregame! There were over 60 names in the Vader helmet! I decided to have 5 participants for the pregame this time because of all the submissions. I think we had 20-something last time.


Congrats to the season 5 pregame crew! We’re going something very…. unique. Hopefully, you can figure it out. Thank you so much to everyone for your submissions. Don’t forget, if you name didn’t come up this time, it says in the helmet and you can double your chances next season!