Not Another Tavern | Season 2 Episode 1 – Death Star: part 1

A droid with a secret called RHK-1 is planning an escape from the space station known as the Death Star. It will need the help of human allies and a catalyst for their participation if it has any hope of fulfilling its programming.

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DFB S06 Special Episode – Table Chat: Season 6 GM Q&A

Ross, Erin, and Dave sit down to answer some of the listener-submitted GM (and general RPG) questions! Look back on Season 6 and much more on this episode of Table Chat!

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Not Another Tavern Podcast | Episode 10 – Character Creation Part 1

The world / Character creation rules in Fate are a lot of fun, and half the reason the show turned out to be as goofy and fun as it was. There’s a surprising amount of story development in character creation, and we didn’t want to cut anything, so we split it into two parts.

Not Another Tavern Podcast | Episode 8 – Bunnies and Badguys

Lucy, Ignara, and Narg – still on the trail of the lost babe – must deal with the fallout of their run-in with the Nine Riders in Red. Rain falls from the sky; and, off in the distance, the sound of thunder rolls through the night.