Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 22 – The Long Way Down

During a bad morning, Bher, Gree, and Xen need to help each other survive long enough to finally confer with a true Rebel. The gang’s six month mission will come to a close on Pujool… one way or another.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 21 – Room with a View

After spending an evening apart, Gree, Bher, and Xen wake up with a need for togetherness. This is the day the gang will finally meet their Rebel contact and deliver the holocron they found on Bavva.

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 20 – One Night on Pujool

The gang quickly acclimates to celebrity status in the bar known as the Jewel. A well deserved night off while waiting to complete their delivery leads Bher, Gree, and Xen into more subtle dangers.

Not Another Tavern Podcast | Episode 10 – Character Creation Part 1

The world / Character creation rules in Fate are a lot of fun, and half the reason the show turned out to be as goofy and fun as it was. There’s a surprising amount of story development in character creation, and we didn’t want to cut anything, so we split it into two parts.

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 19 – Internal Mechanisms

The Spicy Kido’s ISB agent guest seems to be in trouble. With a heaping of light side force, can Bher, Gree, and Xen still make it to the mysterious location Pujool for the rendezvous with their Rebel contact?

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 18 – An Approximate Gift

The gang attempts to help the strange native species of Fervour. The planet has an unknown connection to the force and presents Gree, Xen, and Bher with an opportunity to follow in hallowed footsteps.

Not Another Tavern Podcast | Episode 8 – Bunnies and Badguys

Lucy, Ignara, and Narg – still on the trail of the lost babe – must deal with the fallout of their run-in with the Nine Riders in Red. Rain falls from the sky; and, off in the distance, the sound of thunder rolls through the night.

Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 17 – Old Cycles

Bher, Gree, and Xen travel through hyperspace and have a moment to reflect. The planet they are approaching holds more connections to the crew than any of them thought possible.