Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 48 – S4 Finale: The Lost and the Found

In the season 4 finale, Darlene, Lon and the guests of Old Town Salvage and Disarmament comb through the datacores. Mor’a, distracted by a comm call, must make an important choice that will shape her place in the galaxy.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 47 – Egress and Evidence

Mor’a, Lon, and Darlene escape Sun Tower. The stolen datacore’s supposed recipients all come calling, but the gang is mistrustful of everyone’s objectives. With worlds turning upside down, important decisions must be made.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 46 – Eclipse the Tower

With no other course of action available, Mor’a, Lon, and Darlene infiltrate Sun Tower in hopes of relieving it of the datacores. This golden beacon of commerce is not only the home of Jaynod Purt, but also an impenetrable fortress of assorted treasures.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 45 – The Lot 1138 Situation

It’s finally auction day and Lon, Darlene, and Mor’a are ready to seize the datacores. With all sorts of last minute changes to the schedule and the passing of a bolo-ball superstar, an Ugnaught auctioneer is only the beginning of the team’s troubles.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 44 – Awkward Communications

Before Lon, Mor’a, and Darlene can get to their surveillance feed, they investigate the late night guest at Old Town Salvage and Disarmament. Zaja’s interest in Tonk troubles the group and the feed doesn’t offer anything to the contrary.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 43 – Ocular Pentothal

On an impromptu surveillance mission, Mor’a, Lon, and Darlene get creative with The Phibin’. Once the dust settles, the walls come crumbling down and the gang is forced to confront the inalienable truths behind Mor’a and Darlene.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 42 – An Experimental Offering

Low and Lower music night is off to a great start when Mor’a, Lon, and Darlene go looking for assistance with information. They bump into a New Republic friend amidst the crowd at the Rancor’s Tooth and Mor’a’s reality may finally be cracking.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 41 – Visual Misrepresentations

What should have been a nice evening at the Rancor’s Tooth, turns into a gang attack. The crew of the Phibin need to defuse the situation if they have any hopes of getting info on Jaynod. The force tries to help, but may get Mor’a into more trouble than it’s worth.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 39 – Liars and Commanders

After convincing the New Republic employees to fess up, Mor’a, Lon, and Darlene get a chance to increase their budget by speaking to Commander Durell Saim. Tensions rise in the group as the force shows Mor’a a secret.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 38 – A Shell Game

Unable to complete their task, the group seeks alternate methods of success. Lon gets to slicing the CSA while Mor’a and Darlene investigate the crowd. They stop by a tourist trap to get a better grasp on the situation.


Dice For Brains Podcast | Episode 37 – S04 Premiere: Profitable Idiocy

In the season 4 premiere, we meet Mor’a, Darlene, and Lon, three employees of Old Town Salvage & Disarmament. Their adventure begins a few years after the battle of Jakku on the Mid Rim planet of Centares with an opportunity to earn some credits.


Dice For Brains podcat | S4 Opening Crawl – A New Nexus

The countdown begins now. In ONE WEEK the season 4 premiere of the Dice For Brains podcast will air. It’s an all new cast of characters tangled up in post-galactic civil war shenanigans in the Mid Rim. We’ve got a surprising crop of force users, droids, and slicers set on a disarmament shell game and it all starts up November 20th.

Dice For Brains Podcast | Special Episode: Jelli and RT’s Excursion

For our first listener request episode, we bring you a Jelli and RT mission! Between Season 1 and 2, the Spicy Kido ran into engine trouble on the planet of Delphon. The ship’s chance of survival rests in the hands of the least qualified crewmembers.


Where is Sunday’s special episode?

As you may know, the studio took a hurricane to the face. Unfortunately, this caused a delay in editing as well as recording and I was unable to get the special episode together in time (or this post until now). I am very sorry to skip a week on you, but I assure you a mandatory evacuation is the bar for missing an episode.

The cast, crew, and studio are safe and back to fully operational. Thank you so much for the outpouring of support! It helped us through some tough moments. Thank you for all your kind offers as well, but the only thing we need is to keep those itunes reviews coming and keep telling your friends about the show!

We love you all. See you this Sunday!