@David Wright

Dave is a creative force for the Dice for Brains Network, a player on the Dice for Brains podcast, and the host of the Not Another Tavern podcast (which he’ll be the Game Master of for at least the first season). Dave has a long history of acting, travel, and even a little adventure. He likes to draw pictures of things; but at his core, he is a storyteller, with a deep and abiding love of history (both fictional and non). He has 30-some-odd years of table top gaming under his belt.


@Susan White

Susan White is an independent commercial and film actor in Orlando, FL. She specializes in improv, martial arts, dialects, voiceover and mocap. She is a player for the Dice For Brains Podcast. Susan is completely new to table top role playing games. Her versatility is mixed with a dash of nerd tendencies and the result is something wonderful to hear. Check out Susan’s resume if you think we’re kidding!

@Erica Darner

Erica is a storyteller and, as affectionally nicknamed by her loving family, a massive dork. She is a player on the Not Another Tavern podcast with a few years of Tabletop rpg experience, a decade of online forum role-playing under her belt and an entire life dedicated to appreciating and creating good stories. Some of that storytelling experience includes a few theatre productions and a college degree in writing.


@Joshu Reynolds

Joshu is a silky voice over artist and a player for season one of the Dice For Brains Podcast. He is a lifelong player of table top role playing games. Joshu is an actor and producer in Saint Augustine with a deep love of Radio Plays from the early 20th century, such as the Flash Gordon serial series, The Shadow, Quite Please, and Dimension X. He looks forward to bringing this experience to everyone who also enjoys dice games and stories taking place long ,long ago in a galaxy far, far away.


@Nik Pinto

Nik is a self proclaimed super nerd and voice over artist. He collects comic books, toys, plays tabletop games, RPGS, video games… all the good stuff. Nik is a player on the first season of the Not Another Tavern Podcast bringing excitement and wit to every episode. He’s been playing tabletop games for the past 3 years. He is a Cartoon enthusiast an anime watcher. He is a thorough lover of all things nerdy.



@Ross Rockafellow

Ross is the founder of the Dice For Brains Network and the host of the Dice For Brains Podcast. He will be serving as the Game Master for season one, and a player for the Not Another Tavern Podcast. Ross has a long history of acting in everything from improv to Shakespeare. He has been a nerd from birth and has been playing table top games for 20+ years. Ross prefers narrative story based gaming but is always up for a mechanical slug-fest!

@Isabella Jones


Isabella has her bio coming soon 🙂

We are always on the hunt for more talented voices. If you would like to be a part of our CAST please contact us and let us know!